Current Offerings
For  Physician  Groups
For  Hospitals
For  Payers
Finding the Best
If you're a hospital, payer or physician group, consider us to be the
Consumer Reports of health care.  We've done the due diligence so you
don't have to.  Healthcare Productivity Solutions (HPS) researches all of the
product and service companies in a given health care product/service
category and identifies the
best-of-breed.  We search worldwide for highly
innovative offerings that demonstrate:

  •  a unique, cutting-edge technology.
  •  an overwhelmingly superior approach to a given health care
    management task that immediately boosts operating efficiency and
    profit margins.
Qualifying our Find
Once identified, we painstakingly analyze each company to determine quality
of management, current performance & outcomes, long-term viability,
adequacy of capitalization, scalability, clarity of strategic mission, and the
focus and magnitude of Research & Development efforts.
Sharing our Find
HPS shares its portfolio of “best-in-class” companies with health care
providers and payers who are looking to improve their management
operations.  Current offerings in the portfolio are:

Medical Transcription
Physician Billing & Collections
Managed Care Contract Negotiating
Real Estate & Project Consulting
Video Production
Reducing Employee Benefit Costs
Financial Architect
Hospital Lab Billing
Lost Charge Audit
A/R Purchasing