Why it's the Best
High Accuracy.   Depth of Experience.   Fast Turnaround.   

Our partner is an end-to-end global healthcare services company with an unwavering commitment
to deliver extraordinary value-added services to their clients. They are partnered with JP Morgan
Chase and operate internationally.  

General Overview
The company's coding services include onsite coding, remote coding and coding consulting for
hospitals and physicians. They perform medical coding for healthcare providers across multiple
specialties including Radiology, Surgery, Diagnostic Cardiology, Surgical Pathology, Psychiatry and

Their coding staff, certified by American Academy of Professional Coding (AAPC), can code both
physician and hospital records. By adapting the principles of Six Sigma, our partner's coding team
delivers above 98% accuracy and 24-hour turnaround. In addition, they provide coding consulting
services such as compliance administration and medical audits. Their coding complies with the
applicable HIPAA norms (CPT, ICD) and with local medical review policies (LMRP) and CCI Edits. To
date, the company has coded over 3 million reports.

Client is a large multi-specialty faculty practice (350+ physicians) at a 600-bed hospital in New York.
The hospital manages upwards of 500,000 patient encounters per year.

Services Overview
Our partner has been working with the physician practice for several years on this contract. They
peform medical coding (ICD9, CPT4) for their Radiology, Cardiology, ER, Psychiatry, Surgical
Pathology and other departments. We code upwards of 300,000 reports for the client on an
annualized basis.

Client Impact
The physician practice was looking to outsource coding, as they were faced with a backlog in
coding and were receiving rejections from payers due to coding errors in claims. They chose to
work with our partner because of their commitment to deliver value and the availability of people
skilled in medical coding. The company delivered 99.3% accuracy during the pilot. Over the years,
the accuracy and turnaround times have been maintained (well above the committed service
levels). In addition to helping the client become current in coding, our partner substantially
decreased the number of rejections by payers due to erroneous coding. Finally, the company's
careful coding has ensured that there is complete compliance with HIPAA and LMRP guidelines
(Local Medical Review Policies). Their success resulted in the client doubling its volume of work
outsourced to them, and they continue to be the client's exclusive coding vendor.