What they do
They coordinate all of your disparate financial and legal advisors in order to assure an optimal
capital and risk balance in your portfolio.

Why it's the Best
Our partner pioneered the General Contractor approach to financial planning, and is unique in
their ability to effectively apply it.  They specialize in high net worth physician practices and,
therefore, have superior insight as to the physician’s needs, and the unique ability to craft creative
solutions to meet those needs.   

Comprehensive Approach
Do your financial advisors, stock broker, lawyer, accountant, estate planner and insurance agents
talk to each other?  If you’re like most people, the answer is probably “No.”

We have found that while most financial advisors talk a good game, they usually operate in a silo.  
Without someone to act as an architect or "general contractor," it is impossible to achieve an
optimal balance in your portfolio.  A REAL financial plan examines and balances stocks/bonds,
insurances (e.g. life, disability, health, homeowners, malpractice, auto, umbrella liability), trusts,
wills, real estate holdings, tax exposure, partnership equity/dissolution arrangements,
pension/retirement plans, divorce exposure and long term care.

A Truly Unique and Extraordinary Service
Our partner functions as a true “financial architect.”  They pioneered, and have been active in, the
financial coordination business for over twenty years.

Their firm advocates a “cross-disciplinary” approach to financial planning.  They honor the
relationships you have with your existing trusted advisors; CPAs, Attorneys and the like.  Their goal
is to coordinate with these advisors. To create a singular voice. They find that oftentimes the
traditional advisor network approach bypasses the crucial integration of disciplines, inadvertently
leaving too much of one’s planning to chance.

Our partner's time-tested planning process injects a virtually airtight system of checks and balances
across all people, ideas and expertise. Only with this approach can you be certain that the a la
carte strategies chosen over the years will truly work in concert to carry out both your short and
long term objectives.  A fee-based planning model allows them to always remain objective and
provide to you the best choice, lowest risk approaches in a variety of needs-based areas which

Qualified and Non-Qualified Pension Plans
Evaluate innovative strategies to significantly increase contributions into deferred compensation
(Dolgoff Plan, 412i)

Asset Protection Planning
From onshore to offshore strategies, they share methods to protect assets from all predatory
influences including divorce, liability, malpractice, etc..

Estate and Retirement Planning
Their Financial Condition Model (FCM), a highly accurate financial roadmap that predicts asset
growth, income, expenses and estate distribution under present and revised scenarios

Fringe Benefits
Benefit Policy Statement (BPS).  This is designed to retain current rates, contain benefit inflation
costs over the next 3-5 years to the low single digits, and formulate a communication strategy to
modify employee behavior to work in concert with the BPS™.

Ownership Buyout
An industry first. This 21st century buy-sell agreement structuring allows for a more accurate
representation of true medical practice enterprise value in the event of death, disability or

Asset Management
A properly prepared Investment Policy Statement (IPS) will provide to any money manager a truly
clear understanding of your risk tolerance, time horizon, needs for cash flow, tax sensitivities and
other pertinent data to support proper investment management