Why it's the Best
This 100% contingency-based program takes a totally non-disruptive approach to identify charges
that should have been billed, but weren't.   Once identified, the company recaptures this "lost
charge" revenue and then implements corrective action to prevent recurrence of the billing
deficiencies in the future.

General Features
The process begins with a retrospective review of select claims to identify if a "lost revenue"
opportunity exists.  A diagnostic assessment is performed
off-site on a small sample of cases in
conjunction with a charge master review.  If an opportunity is identified, an experienced R.N. will
interview nursing directors from surgery and OB to determine currently adopted standards of care
and charging protocols. Once the specific problems are pinpointed, the company provides
extensive training of nurse managers in order to prevent the billing oversights moving forward. This
training facilitates a sustainable improvement in overall charge capture.

No Risk Engagement
All fees are derived from the proceeds generated for the hospital by this firm.