Why it's the Best
Our partner has created a fully integrated system designed for self-insured companies that
combines benefit design, administration, provider networks and next generation information
technology that has consistently yielded results of decreased costs and improved benefits.

For health systems, this company provides the ability to decrease the costs of current health
benefits, plus develop a process for providing service to other self-insured businesses in a
geographic market. Health systems/hospitals become the
solution for rising costs and not the

Using the InforMed WEB based technology, our partner assesses the current benefit plan and
develops a benchmark performance threshold. This assessment provides a true comparative
review of your company's performance and the potential improvement. The InforMed software then
becomes part of the management system for benefits analysis. The software is made available to
individuals in the company who now have access to dozens of reports in an instant. What usually
takes days and weeks to generate is done in seconds.

A specific Plan of Action is developed that identifies the processes to reducing costs in the plan.
Our partner will provide training and monitoring of the process to insure success.  For health
systems, the company will help you market this service to other self insured organizations in your
market. Nationally, 2 out of 3 employees who have health coverage work in self-insured

Using an exclusive evaluation model, our partner will benchmark your last 3 years performance and
identify your specific opportunities for improvement. Their benchmarks are both national and
company specific and include, but are not limited to:
  • Medical costs
  • Pharmacy costs
  • Admits per 1000
  • Average length of stay (inpatient)
  • ER visits per 1000
In addition, the company can identify hundreds of indicators and benchmark your results.

Using their computerized predictive modeling, our partner will identify the best benefit structure,
provider network, reduction of the entry and use burdens of access to health care, efficient claims
and benefits administration and programs that promote healthy lifestyle changes.  The company
won't just show the potential, but give you Plan of Action to positively improve the health of your
employees and decrease your actual costs.

Using their proven analysis and modeling, the company identifies your opportunities to save money
and improve your benefit package through:
  • Optimal Plan design - change your vision of what a great package is for employees
  • Developing an improved provider network - working with providers who share your vision
  • Health management programs focused on employees and families with chronic conditions

  • Easy to implement Plans of Action that will give you immediate cost savings and stabilize your
    future costs that include:
  • First year short term targets that you can achieve quickly
  • Three year goals and objectives that will permanently improve the health of your company
  • Detailed proven action steps that are guaranteed to reduce your costs and improve
    employee satisfaction

You can create an atmosphere of reducing your costs while improving your health benefit package,
which is the opposite of what most people have been doing for the last several years.  Rather than
increase costs to your employees, you will have the potential to actually reduce overall costs and
translate that to a reduced contribution by your employees.  The result will be:
  • An environment of cost savings
  • An integrated process of health benefits management
  • An improved relationship with providers
  • A workplace that promotes health and supports employees
  • A more productive workplace

Our partner will provide you all of the tools to be successful.  From the first step of evaluating prior
years activities and costs to the development of your Plan of Action, they will guide you to a
successful result - reduced costs of healthcare and improved employee satisfaction.  Their
experience and focus will help make you successful.  They can implement your plans based on
your goals and objectives and give you results.

Financial Benefits
Our partner's system has been shown to decrease costs 10-20% for self-insured companies.
Changing the traditional mindset of health benefits will definitely improve the benefits and reduce
the costs using our proven method.

One client company reduced its health costs, particularly for those employees who had a chronic
condition and participated in our partner's process. The costs for participants with diabetes were
reduced from $747 PMPM to $503 PMPM, or 33% in a year. Those same employees with diabetes
improved their health, with healthy test results increasing by 60% in one year.

These tremendous improvements can be duplicated at most organizations using our partner's