Why it's the Best
Accuracy.  Simplicity.  Impeccable Service.

It doesn't get any easier than this.
  1. Dictate into a phone or handheld digital device
  2. Get an alert within 24 hours (avg 12-15 hours) that your typed document has arrived in your  
    online file
  • Make changes if you wish
  • Automatically fax or mail it to referring physicians, hospitals or insurance carriers (on your
  • Electronically sign it
  • Transfer it to your EMR system (this can be done automatically with the HL7 interface)
  • Print it out for your records
All of your transcriptions will be stored on a secure centralized system for future reference/review.

Your Bottom Line
The greatest benefit from using this service is in building your referral base, which translates into
significant new income.  The 24 hour cycle:  Dictate -- Click to approve the completed document --
Copies are instantly and automatically faxed or mailed to the referring physician(s), making you a

  • Dial-in and/or digital dictation
  • Overwhelming ease of use and invisible behind-the-scenes processing
  • Guaranteed 24 hour turnaround (4 hours if needed)
  • Unparalleled quality control and accuracy (multiple level, specialty-specific editing)
  • Electronic signature and online editing capability
  • Document completion/arrival alerts
  • Google-like search capability
  • Secure centralized repository of all historical transcriptions
  • Tracking capability which posts audio online, status of the job, and completed documents,
    making patient information available to doctors from anywhere
  • Automated distribution (one-click automatic faxing/mailing of documents to referring doctors)
  • A new release proprietary HIPAA-secure file transfer application that is extraordinarily robust
    and user friendly
  • VPN or full integration
  • Very competitively priced

Secure Data Center
The service has implemented a Carrier Class Data Center.  This means that all production servers
are backed up by a minimum level of N+1 and in some cases N+2 systems for power delivery,
backup generator, air handling, fire suppression, load balancing, security, BGP, biometric access
control and 24/7 security and support personnel.  The company established multiple Tier 1
backbone provider links to offer unsurpassed reliability.   The facility achieved SAS-70 certification.

The Continuous Quality Improvement Process
Our partner prides itself on achieving the highest accuracy available. Each doctor is assigned one
or more medical language specialists, transcriptionists that are certified in the specialty of the
doctor. The documents are sent to editors for review and a sample of the completed documents are
sent to quality assurance specialists. These medical language specialists have reference materials,
referring doctor name and address lists and instant message support from other service providers.
Transcriptionists and editors receive feedback on errors and are rated and paid based on accuracy
and turnaround time parameters. Doctors are encouraged to provide feedback and personal
preferences on the first 100 documents.