Why They’re the Best
They are award winning filmmakers who transfer their story telling skills to institutional multimedia
production.  They deliver Hollywood quality at affordable.  

Digital format allows for easy drop in/out editing if future changes need to be made, and for
integration with a website in the form of streaming video.  Unlike traditional linear VHS productions,
instructional topics can be individually menu-driven, allowing a viewer to click on a specific segment
and to repeat any material at their own pace.
It is an incontrovertible fact that visual demonstration is the most effective way to convey a
message, either as a primary or a reinforcement tool.  Video is an ideal medium for training
personnel to use equipment and master occupational tasks, as well as to delineate responsibilities
and address HR paperwork and procedures.  Multimedia presentations can be used to promote a
hospital’s policies on CRM, workplace tolerance, sexual harassment, and other core issues.  This
method of learning standardizes processes, documents content exposure, and reduces the FTE
costs associated with executing these repetitive tasks.

Fundraising and Community Service/Promotion Initiatives
A compelling video presentation of a hospital’s capabilities, accomplishments, mission and
operations presents a valuable marketing tool to elevate its stature in the community, attract
prospective benefactors, and create a rallying platform for current supporters, both on an individual
recruiting basis and as the centerpiece at fundraising and tribute meetings.  The material can also
be used for press releases to the media.

Company Background
This video production company has worldwide production experience spanning 18 years, with an
origin in critically acclaimed PBS documentaries, which they continue to produce.  The principals
have extensive healthcare industry experience in both the hospital and private practice delivery
sectors.  In addition, they bring reporting, directing, producing and editing experience that
transcends a diversity of major studio and network assignments..  The company’s most recent
institutional clients include AIG Global Investment Group, Forest Labs, The Riverside Company,
Dow Jones, Steiner Studios, Carnegie Corporation, The Mental Health Association, New Hope
Community, the New Jersey Performing Arts Center, the American Red Cross, and Cardozo Law
School.    Most importantly, the company places great emphasis on both listening, and responding
to their clients’ ideas and needs.

They are happy to furnish a complete contact list of former clients upon your request.  They do not
“cherry pick” their references -- they are quite confident that they will receive a glowing testimonial
from any client on the roster.